Breeding Facilities

Our breeding manager, Dina Allen, spends a great deal of time supervising our mares and foals. Providing a virtually stress-free natural environment is essential to success in all parts of reproductive management, from conception to foaling.

Our breeding & foaling facilities consist of

The Foaling Barn

– Six 16’ x 12’ heated stalls
– Fly control system
– Automatic waterers
– Closed circuit live feed night vision cameras
– Foal Alert monitoring system

The Breeding Room

– Comfortable Reception area
– Newly Equipped Lab with viewing area
– Multiple stocks
– Breeding Dummy
– Separate Teasing stall

The Mare Motel

– Forty-eight 16’ x 12’ stalls
– Automatic waterers
– Semi- Open Stall wall sides for horses’ maximum visibility
– Large roll up bay doors on all sides for ventilation


– Creep feeders in pastures
– Various sizes available for individual turn out and for gradually introducing new mares with foals to the herd