The Ranch

The Ranch is located in Princeton, KY and has undergone significant renovations and upgrades since being purchased by Rick & Cheri Darling in September of 2010. The Ranch is a full service reining facility offering training, breeding, sales and equine sports medicine. Our trainers and staff are from the top of the industry and have relocated to Western Kentucky to help build a world class reining operation. We look forward to welcoming you to the ranch or visiting at the major shows.

The ranch was built in 2007 and consists of 240 gently rolling acres. The majority of this land is dedicated to turn out paddocks separated by four board fence. Automatic waterers equipped with de-icers are found in all pastures and are cleaned and maintained regularly.
Pastures are semi-annually analyzed for nutrients and forage content. The results determine frequency of rotation, fertilization and reseeding needs of the pastures so we can manage our horses as efficiently as possible while also maintaining the natural beauty of the ranch. We have select pastures for our broodmares that are free of any grasses that may present breeding or foaling concerns such as endophyte infected fescue. The health of the horses at the ranch along with their environment is very important to us. Additionally, the majority of staff resides on site for optimal security and supervision of the farm.

We pride ourselves on practicing the highest standards of equine management. We are thankful to have a facility that allows us to address our horses and clients needs with ease. The ranch continues to find ways to make upgrades to the farm that minimize our environmental impact, reduce our energy costs and reduce unnecessary waste.

Darling 888 Ranch is only 1 hour 30 min from Nashville, TN where you will find an airport as well as many dining and entertainment options.